This article was originally published as a Designer Spotlight by Wildwood

Raising a family…Taking a leap…Building Grace Thomas Designs

Michelle Troxell (second from right) pictured with her husband (left), son (second from left) and daughter (right).

“We do whatever it takes to be sure that your new space is a place where you love to be, delivered on time and on budget.”

Michelle Troxell got her start in interior design by having an obsession and a passion for everything interior design.

She explained how she came to the realization that she would become a designer saying, “I studied everything home every single day and still do. One day I thought…why not me? I can do this just like so many others that I see who have design firms; I have an incredible work ethic, which is key to being successful in this business. Once my kids were grown, I decided to start my business. I have been in business six, going on seven years and have fortunately never been without work.”

“It’s a stunning piece and she calls him Lucketts.”

We met with Michelle to get the scoop on one of her latest kitchen projects.

She said, “This client’s goal was to get her home updated (it was very dark) as she is a master entertainer. All sorts of gatherings are held at her home – from neighborhood parties, church get-togethers and many family celebrations. We had a personal goal to make it stunning for her son’s high school graduation that just happened this June.”

The client and Michelle are both dog lovers. When Michelle came across the Dalmatian art at a local design and antique market in Lucketts, she sent her client a photo, and she loved it! She says, “It’s a stunning piece, and she calls him Lucketts,” exclaimed Michelle.

A recent project from Michelle, featuring Wildwood’s Moon Bowl

Michelle has something in common with Joanna Gaines. She loves shiplap, so she decided to wrap one area of the kitchen with it for that transitional, modern farmhouse vibe. She continued the shiplap to the bar area and accented with Wildwood accessories (shown below) among the beverage glasses.

Shiplap transitions to the bar area that showcases several Wildwood accessories.

“Wildwood’s accessories are statement pieces. Large and unique!”

When we asked Michelle why she chose Wildwood for her accessories, she declared, “Wildwood’s accessories are statement pieces – large and unique! Look at that bowl on the island. Less is more in design, and it was so fantastic for this kitchen when filled with lemons.”

We hope you will check out Michelle’s Instagram and website to see more of her designs and how she might be the right fit to help you enhance your space!

The project photography in this article is by Stacy Goldberg.  Check out her work on her Instagram and website.